By BECOMING a ce-ne energy partner you benefit from:

Competitive Pricing - Our energy market expertise, corporate buying power and commitment to supporting the commercial market guarantees we are able to provide you with competitive pricing.

Peace of Mind - As a leader in the commodity supply industry you can rest east knowing that you have chosen an established energy supplier who will be able to meet your long and short-term energy supply needs.

Environmental Leadership - We can provide you with simple, economical green solutions to help you reduce your environmental footprint, meet your sustainability targets, and show your increasing number of environmentally-conscious consumers your commitment to the environment. 

Professional Advice - From a team of industry experts who work with you to develop an energy supply solution that meets your needs and budget.

Central Energy-Northeast energy partners

With over 125,000 commercial customers, Central Energy-NorthEast’s Supply Partners are one of the largest business to business suppliers of electricity and natural gas in North America. We use leading-edge proprietary technology to ensure our customers receive highly competitive pricing and a wide variety of product options.

Products to suit your business

As Central Energy-NorthEast’s Supply Partners, we are committed to providing businesses with energy supply solutions that fit their unique needs and tolerances to market volatility. 

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